A Day in the Life of a Senior Business Analyst

Hi! My name is Bailey Zyer and I am a Senior Business Analyst here at SpotHero. I am a part of the Reporting, Insights, and Predictions League on the Engineering Squad. Aside from chasing my crazy puppy around the house, my day-to-day consists of enabling stakeholders across the business to make data-driven decisions.

When I think about what being an analyst at SpotHero encompasses, the first thing that truly comes to mind is being able to be myself and still have space for my life. That space allows me to take my pup Remy for walks during the day, get a quick yoga session in at lunch, and take vacations with my friends and family. When it comes to the actual work…the Business Analytics team enables our internal stakeholders to make choices that ultimately better the SpotHero experience for not only our parkers, but our operators and internal employees as well. This means working with folks on various teams and working on various projects, which leads to a pretty exciting day-to-day. We hone in on our technical, communication, and project management skills as we work through an assortment of analytics projects!

While I really do love the work I do, my favorite part of being an analyst at SpotHero is the culture. Even with employees in various locations, SpotHero sustains an amazing sense of community. In a flexible work environment, we use slack to stay in touch. On a given day you can catch me documenting my impossibly perfect pup Remy’s adventures while we work from home in the #dogs channel or discussing the most recent episode of whatever HBO has put out in #cinephiles. If you asked me a few weeks ago what my day-to-day was looking like, I would have said being completely unplugged, laying on the beach, and snorkeling. So obviously I have to mention that SpotHero also offers unlimited PTO and our leaders truly encourage taking advantage of the perk and making space for life. Not to sound redundant, but it really is just the good vibes here at SpotHero that make being an analyst so fun. 

As a business analytics team, we fall under the engineering squad; however, we collaborate with all squads (teams) spanning across the business. When people think about what a data analyst does day-in-and-day-out, they might think of mundane number-crunching and endless excel spreadsheets (I probably thought that in college!). Lucky for us, it is so far from that. Collaborating with teams such as  finance, engineering, marketing, and product allows for exciting and differing day-to-day work, the ability to gain insight on the inner workings of all aspects of the company, and the opportunity to get to know various SpotHero employees that aren’t on my team (my favorite part). I always love the chance to meet a new coworker or get to collaborate with a friend that is in a different department. Some examples of exciting projects we work on include work related to our partners (and even collaborating directly with our awesome partners), SpotHero IQ (our dynamic pricing tool), as well as overarching initiatives like defining company-wide KPIs.

On any given day you could find me working on developing requirements with our stakeholders, building data models and transformations using SQL and our in-house pipeline generation tool, creating dashboards, sharing insights, and helping my peers find the data they need, among other things. One thing I love about being an analyst at SpotHero is being able to see a project through from start to finish. For example, we’re involved in the evolution of a feature by consulting on what metrics will need to be tracked. From there we will seek out the necessary data sources (and transform them if need be) that will allow us to efficiently and effectively build out visualizations or write up a report. With our stakeholders in mind, we build visualizations that make it easy for them to track progress and better yet, make decisions on how to improve the product going forward for our customers. This is my favorite piece, because we often get to see the actual impact our insights brought to the product, which in my opinion is pretty cool!

One of the greatest parts of being an analyst at SpotHero is being able to see your work make an impact on our product and customers. But most importantly, it’s getting to be a part of a team that is smart, genuine, understanding and exciting.

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