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  • Migrating SEO pages to NextJS

    Migrating SEO pages to NextJS

    Introduction Recently the Drivers Acquisitions squad, the team that focuses on how we acquire new drivers at SpotHero, undertook the project of migrating our primary SEO pages over to Nextjs. This is the why, the how, and the results of this endeavor by Max Rashes. The Why – History of Frontend at SpotHero When SpotHero…

  • Who is SpotHero Engineering?

    Who is SpotHero Engineering?

    Welcome to our first blog post. My name is Eric Brooke and I have the privilege to be the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for SpotHero. As an introduction to the SpotHero Engineering Team, I’m excited to share the roles and responsibilities of our different squads, tech stack, and frequently asked questions I hear in the…