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  • Activation @ SpotHero

    Activation @ SpotHero

    What We Do? The Activation Squad is on a mission to create space for life and to empower people to get everywhere, easier! By designing better ways to reserve and pay for parking, we make life easier and our world more connected. We value trust, reliability, remaining curious and focusing on positive outcomes in a […]

  • IT Squad @ SpotHero

    IT Squad @ SpotHero

    The IT Squad is the steward of SpotHero’s technology infrastructure and operations. Not only are we responsible for ensuring systems are operating properly, but we also manage the total cost of ownership of IT systems and make technology-lifecycle decisions. We work on projects such hardware installation, manage a plethora of SaaS applications, connect and maintain […]

  • Integrations Squad @ SpotHero

    Integrations Squad @ SpotHero

    Welcome to our team blog entry! We can’t wait to introduce you to the inner workings of our squad and give you a behind-the-scenes look at what we do and why we do it. You’ll also get to meet some of our amazing team members and learn about the technology stack that powers our work.  […]

  • Verticals Squad @ SpotHero

    Verticals Squad @ SpotHero

    What We Do Do you like to travel? Do you go to concerts or sporting events? Do you use public or municipal transportation to go to work or get around your city but own a vehicle or do you drive in to work?   Making it easier to find parking for events From sports to shows, […]

  • iOS @ SpotHero

    iOS @ SpotHero

    What We Do We write the code of the SpotHero apps on iPhone, iPad and CarPlay. This is the app that “drivers” use to find a spot, book and pay to park their vehicles. We are constantly working to improve the experience for drivers using the app.  What We Love Technology Development Tools: Xcode is […]

  • Acquisition Squad @ SpotHero

    Acquisition Squad @ SpotHero

    Squad Mission Statement Help those with a parking need find SpotHero and confidently make their first purchase. Squad Values Foster an environment of psychological safety  Iteration – always try to build upon past learnings Always be willing to try new/unfamiliar things, knowing you can ask for and receive support Don’t be afraid of failure Welcome […]

  • Android at SpotHero

    Android at SpotHero

    What We Do We design, build, and maintain the SpotHero Android and Android Auto apps. We collaborate to ensure our drivers have the best and most seamless experience when parking. We live and breathe the Android experience, and always strive to maintain an Android-first experience. What We Love User-first experiences Design thinking Distributed systems development […]

  • Data Engineering at SpotHero

    Data Engineering at SpotHero

    At SpotHero as we grow from being a start-up to scaled-up, our internal platforms and teams are getting much more performant, stable and resilient. One of the pillars on this journey to being scaled-up as both a platform for other squads within Engineering and for other Departments e.g. Marketing and Finance What do we do? […]

  • Data Science at SpotHero

    Data Science at SpotHero

    Amish and Geoffrey stumbled on Ace, the Toronto Blue Jays mascot, during a Toronto office social where the Toronto Blue Jays played the Chicago White Sox (P.S. The Blue Jays won)

  • SpotHero IQ

    SpotHero IQ

    Hi! Thanks for checking out our blog. My name is Sunny Gurm and I’m the Senior Engineering Manager for SpotHero IQ – SpotHero’s intelligent pricing system. Today I want to talk a little bit about what SpotHero IQ is, the types of problems we work on, and a little bit about the amazing team I […]