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  • Migrating SEO pages to NextJS

    Migrating SEO pages to NextJS

    Introduction Recently the Drivers Acquisitions squad, the team that focuses on how we acquire new drivers at SpotHero, undertook the project of migrating our primary SEO pages over to Nextjs. This is the why, the how, and the results of this endeavor by Max Rashes. The Why – History of Frontend at SpotHero When SpotHero…

  • Acquisition Squad @ SpotHero

    Acquisition Squad @ SpotHero

    Squad Mission Statement Help those with a parking need find SpotHero and confidently make their first purchase. Squad Values Foster an environment of psychological safety  Iteration – always try to build upon past learnings Always be willing to try new/unfamiliar things, knowing you can ask for and receive support Don’t be afraid of failure Welcome…