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  • Migrating SEO pages to NextJS

    Migrating SEO pages to NextJS

    Introduction Recently the Drivers Acquisitions squad, the team that focuses on how we acquire new drivers at SpotHero, undertook the project of migrating our primary SEO pages over to Nextjs. This is the why, the how, and the results of this endeavor by Max Rashes. The Why – History of Frontend at SpotHero When SpotHero […]

  • Integrations Squad @ SpotHero

    Integrations Squad @ SpotHero

    Welcome to our team blog entry! We can’t wait to introduce you to the inner workings of our squad and give you a behind-the-scenes look at what we do and why we do it. You’ll also get to meet some of our amazing team members and learn about the technology stack that powers our work.  […]

  • Verticals Squad @ SpotHero

    Verticals Squad @ SpotHero

    What We Do Do you like to travel? Do you go to concerts or sporting events? Do you use public or municipal transportation to go to work or get around your city but own a vehicle or do you drive in to work?   Making it easier to find parking for events From sports to shows, […]

  • SpotHero IQ

    SpotHero IQ

    Hi! Thanks for checking out our blog. My name is Sunny Gurm and I’m the Senior Engineering Manager for SpotHero IQ – SpotHero’s intelligent pricing system. Today I want to talk a little bit about what SpotHero IQ is, the types of problems we work on, and a little bit about the amazing team I […]

  • Money Squad

    Money Squad

    All squads at SpotHero are essential to our success, and the Money Squad is no exception. Our squad plays a crucial role in collecting payments from our customers and for the company’s success. We are a two-sided marketplace, where we collect payments from drivers and pay out to parking operators who own or manage parking […]

  • Who is SpotHero Engineering?

    Who is SpotHero Engineering?

    Welcome to our first blog post. My name is Eric Brooke and I have the privilege to be the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for SpotHero. As an introduction to the SpotHero Engineering Team, I’m excited to share the roles and responsibilities of our different squads, tech stack, and frequently asked questions I hear in the […]