IT Squad @ SpotHero

The IT Squad is the steward of SpotHero’s technology infrastructure and operations. Not only are we responsible for ensuring systems are operating properly, but we also manage the total cost of ownership of IT systems and make technology-lifecycle decisions.

We work on projects such hardware installation, manage a plethora of SaaS applications, connect and maintain business application integrations, resolve enterprise system or network disruptions, uphold cybersecurity standards, and troubleshoot technology issues SpotHero employees may be experiencing.

From a proactive standpoint, we configure the systems and firewalls that keep SpotHero computers and tablets safe, while also ensuring that security and anti-virus programs are up-to-date for every single employee. The IT team is also a source of information and we are striving to educate all of our colleagues in the IT tips and tricks we come across.

Meet the Team

Abinyah profile pic


Abinyah Walker

Nationality: Canadian, born and raised in Toronto

Role: Senior IT Engineer

Who am I:

Passion for photography and design you can visit my sites at or I host my own sites and run my own data centres in support of other organizations, not-for-profit associations and researchers. Academically, I focus on technology governance and security studies . In my early career I focused on business solutions designs for the public and private institutions.

For fun, I like biking, playing video games, sports and making art with the kids.


Started out in photography and architecture. Learned computers programming in C/C++, Assembler, Pascal, before moving onto web technologies (e-commerce, Flash, full stack development and networking); finally settling on developing business solutions for research and development.

For Fun:

  • Main hobbies: Creative writing, printing, photography and high performance/edge computing.
  • Stress relief: Racing simulators, playing and hanging out with the kids, making art, going for a bike ride.
  • Curiosities: Cosmology, music (listening, making), creative arts and technologies.


Personal: | | LABS – myDMDi
Research projects: | Home |
Digital Art Projects: 85mm – Profile | OpenSea | (@85mm) | Unsplash Photo Community |

Margarita holding devices

Margarita Diaz

Nationality: US, originally from the Philippines

Role: IT Manager

Who am I:

Observant, mindful, and deliberate. Enjoys outdoor activities, but equally satisfied with indoor quiet time. Open-minded and infinitely curious, driven by efficiency, and always planning my next meal.

INTJ-T Traits: Introverted – 59%, Intuitive – 52%, Thinking – 66%, Judging – 74%, Turbulent – 51%
Role: Analyst Strategy: Constant Improvement


Born in the Philippines, raised in Southern California, technology was part of my upbringing. Helped my dad build computers as a kid and discovered a love for tinkering. Went to college for a different major (biology), but fell into IT systems administration and support anyway. Worked my way from helping troubleshoot desktop issues to a leadership role where I found my passion for mentoring my team and developing strategic plans for the technology team.

For Fun:

Latest obsession has been my OneWheel – not your typical mode of personal transportation, but probably one of the most fun! Snowboarding in the winter, riding my scooter/motorcycle, and music festivals in the summer, and playing dodgeball year-round.



Interested in joining our team?

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