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  • A Day in the Life of a Senior Business Analyst

    A Day in the Life of a Senior Business Analyst

    Hi! My name is Bailey Zyer and I am a Senior Business Analyst here at SpotHero. I am a part of the Reporting, Insights, and Predictions League on the Engineering Squad. Aside from chasing my crazy puppy around the house, my day-to-day consists of enabling stakeholders across the business to make data-driven decisions. When I…

  • Data Engineering at SpotHero

    Data Engineering at SpotHero

    At SpotHero as we grow from being a start-up to scaled-up, our internal platforms and teams are getting much more performant, stable and resilient. One of the pillars on this journey to being scaled-up as both a platform for other squads within Engineering and for other Departments e.g. Marketing and Finance What do we do?…

  • SpotHero IQ

    SpotHero IQ

    Hi! Thanks for checking out our blog. My name is Sunny Gurm and I’m the Senior Engineering Manager for SpotHero IQ – SpotHero’s intelligent pricing system. Today I want to talk a little bit about what SpotHero IQ is, the types of problems we work on, and a little bit about the amazing team I…